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Really good ep as a pilot because it gave you a good explanation as to what happens. I hate series that give you little hints here and there as to the reason things are going on, it get really boring really quickly. Just give it to us straight up. I got really antsy about him having to fly the plane not realising of course that Al would step in to help (which I loved by the way) I also really felt for him when he was so confused and didn't know what was going on (mainly because I always feel like that and I aint even leaping around in time). Loved the kiss when the wife touches her lips like you can tell she's starting to beleive he's someone else and not her husband.

Wasn't too fussed about how he then leaped into the ball player, I know that they probably put that one in there so they could do the ringing his dad scene but I wished they'd ended it when he saved the baby. I couldn't see the point of the little extra bit at the end.

Most of all I instantly fell in love with Al, his personaility and his mannerisms and just the fact that he's there. Wish I had a buddy who'd just materialise in front of me (and no one else could see them) who'd tell me what to do when I'm confused or just give moral support. *sigh*

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