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Article 2004:

Nice detail in Quantum Leap

Date: 05/12/2001
From: Lt_Dater

Hi i recently watched QL 4x20 The Curse of the Ptah-Hotep and noticed something really great :-)
When Sam or any other person is talking in the "grave-chamber" their voices got much of reverberation but Al doesnt have any :-) because he is talking in the imaging chamber and not in the hall in which Sam is...
That is a really great detail, altough ziggy could simulate this of the wind Al is experiencing...
are there any other such physical details they showed in quantum leap?


It is fun

Date: 05/12/2001
From: alongtimefan

Hi Lt. Wonderful effect wasn't it? Great of you to post this nuance. I like these small effects the best.

Just for fun, I also watch for mirror images of Sam as Sam, instead of the person he leaped into....just little oversights. Like when Sam is reflected in the door window glass of the train in Honeymoon Express, while Sam and Al were talking about "pulling the plug."

Makes it fun, doesn't it?
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