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OK I've just taken a look and M.I.A. certainly has a grain problem in the evening scenes with Beth and Al. Dark areas almost resemble a snowstorm when it gets really dark. It looks like they brightened up the entire series a couple of clicks on the Blu-ray vs. the iTunes release, which makes the grain problem more relevant in dark scenes. They should have used some light noise reduction and possibly pushed dark colors down for M.I.A. Specific to this episode, it looks like the cameraman had a tough time keeping things in focus so there are times when Dean's face is slightly blurry.

In well-lit scenes and especially outdoors, the picture quality of Quantum Leap on Blu-ray is good to excellent. Overall, I think for a Blu-Ray of a TV show from 1989-1994, this is respectable and I am not at all disappointed in the quality.

I do wish they'd reconstructed a "best version" of the different Saga Sell and Main Titles sequences by going back to source materials. Some of the clips used are a copy of a copy of a copy and it shows.

As for the cropping, yes it's different from the DVD/broadcast. It's not a huge change. When the show originally aired, I'm guessing the Director of the episode supervised the prints and made slight adjustments (up, down, left, right, cropping tighter or relaxing the cropping). Since Universal re-scanned the 35mm film for every episode for the iTunes/Amazon/Mill Creek releases, they likely just used a fixed position for the entire reel of film.

It's not anywhere near as bad as the first release of Back to the Future II on DVD which was a new film scan. The cropping on that was off by up to 40% in some scenes. They did a re-release to fix it.
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