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thank you snish !! i didn't know !!!

Woaow !! he's working a lot !! lol
The Darkest Evil (200 (post-production) .... Henry Armitage
... aka H.P. Lovecraft's The Darkest Evil (USA: complete title)

Al's Beef (200 .... The Sheriff
"Battlestar Galactica" .... Brother Cavil (9 episodes, 2006-200
... aka BSG (USA: promotional abbreviation)
- The Ties That Bind (200 TV episode .... Brother Cavil
- Six of One (200 TV episode .... Brother Cavil
- Rapture (200 TV episode .... Brother Cavil

I don't know any of this list of films ! Never see !!
Yesterday I was on DVD shop and I was looking for "the langoliers" ! never find !! and it's a stephen King story ! In France you can find all from S. King, but not "the langoliers" !! lol

thank's Leaper ! I'll like ask for Dean about his own live !! unfortunattely I can't go for the moment !! I haven' got buy tickets ! too expensive for me !! because it's with the travel too (from France) ! and I don't know about my business for next year !!

my sweet tender Dean !!
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