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Carol - UPSTATE GODDESS (NY for the commoners)
Brian - Mount Airy, North Carolina
Emma - England (very cute but not her fault)
Maryse - England (not her fault either)
Judy - Pasadena, Left Coast
Marc - Longwood (Orlando), Florida (Correct Coast)
ATO - Central Alabama
Joy - Independence, Missouri (Kansas City metro)
Snish (Karen) - Pennsylvania
naggindragon (Hayden) - Melbourne Australia (The merry old land of Oz)
F'Less (Stuart) - South Wales (the green green grass of home)
Janine (aka Janna Galaxy) - Teesside, NE England
Josh - Lawrence, Kansas
Donna - GTF permitting, New York Tri-State Area, if not, then Orlando
Cyd - Silicon Valley (is that implying something??? :P), California
Leanne & Michael, Melbourne, Australia (the Aussie Invasion!!)
LadyKayoss (Jamie) - Lawrence, Michigan (though that might change)
Bruce - Simi Valley, CA
Michael---(Mgcrans) New Castle, PA/Columbus, OH
ris768 (Marissa) - Sydney, Australia
Bexter (Bex) - Western Australia
Shirley - Ft Wth Texas
Pippa - Doncaster South Yorkshire, England
Becky - Dewsbury West Yorkshire, England
Brad & Zoe - Melbounre, Australia
Mike - Auckland New Zealand
JoJo - Melbourne, Australia
Liz - Sparkyclarkie from sunny swindon UK
Mands (Manu) - Leicester, England

Michelle (Twink) - Leicester, England
Helen - Loughborough, England
Jo - Leicester, England
Tom (od0_ital) - Austin, Texas

Cindy - Edmonton, AB, Canada
Bonnie - Edmonds, Washington
Joanne - Chesapeake, Virginia
MJ and Matt - Bertram, Texas
Chris, wife and future son - Indianapolis, IN
Tom - Hingham, Wisconsin

Vered - Israel
LeapBack Master of Ceremonies

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