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Unfortunately Universal were cheapskates and didn't even desire to attempt to buy rights to a lot of the music. Personally I am most pissed with their removal of Foreigner's I Wanna Know What Love Is from the episode Temptation Eyes. The sound alike music it was replaced with takes away from the feeling in montage.

To my knowledge the only access there is to original airings of the episodes is to download torrents of them.

Luckily before season 4 had been officially released, in my best friend's and my anxiousness to see what happened after the Shock Theater cliffhanger, I found online and purchased a bootlegged set of the entire series (At the time I had not heard of a bootleg or at least that term so I had no idea until after placing the order). So I have the original airings of the series in addition to the official Universal releases which include all the original music. Very glad to have the original Temptation Eyes and never watch the Universal version.

My bootleg set happened to save me as well. A few years later my mom accidentally returned one of of my official season 4 discs to Netflix as the film 27 Dresses and I was ignored when I enclosed a letter with the real 27 Dresses requesting my disc back.

I bought it however several years ago, late 2005 or early 2006. So I no longer have any idea where I had found my set or if it's even still selling today.

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