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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
This is one plausible scenario. However, for all we know she's in the same boat as Sam and can't help herself either. I'm not a fan of the evil leaper story line and I really hate the last one in the trilogy so I don't rewatch. But I remember questioning how Ziggy could possibly know that Alia was free. It's possible she died and can help Sam in the same way Stawpah helped Pete and Tonchi and indirectly Sam in 'Mirror Image'.
Agreed, while I did enjoy the Evil Leapers I felt the third in the trilogy took it too far with making Zoey a leaper. Because I am such a sucker for mush I have come to be able to watch it up until after Sam rescues screaming Alia from the wall and comforts her in his arms.

Also I have recently entertained that Alia could have been killed by that bullet and by "free" it meant death. This is one of my favorite angles in Knights of the Morningstar, how Alia pondered actually trying to get Sam to kill her to free herself. A dead Alia could still take on the task of finding Sam if in fact she ended up as Stawpah did.

Originally Posted by Wakkanne
Sam is 60 and has now been home for ten years. When he encounters Alia (who is still Leaping), she looks exactly the same as when he last saw her. She tells him that she's not from an alternate or evil dimension, but from a dark future, 2043, and she was a guinea pig in an experiment conducted by a project that used stolen technology from PQL. I suggested that she might have even been a descendant of Sam and that's why they chose her as their Leaper. Anyway, it was just a theory that I had fun playing around with at the time. It was hard to imagine Sam at 60 way back in 1995... But you know, I wasn't far off!
Dang, that's insane though honestly Alia doesn't fit as Sam's descendent or rather that doesn't fit as a reason for her to have been their chosen Leaper. It's explained that Zoey was intended but she owed Alia (for what they don't reveal) so insisted they go with her.

If you think 60 is hard to picture Sam at try 80-something! My best friend wrote an amazing fanfic about how after Al passes away his spirit wondered until it's able to bring an 80-something year old Sam home. He's reunited with Donna and Beth and is able to meet his children and grandchildren. Donna had been impregnated during The Leap Back with a daughter we named Chelsea after Scott's daughter (we did this whole storyline around that idea though we never actually got to write the birth). Soon after however after making love to Donna one last time he passes away in his sleep and is reunited with Al. It had been inspired by the song Fate's Wide Wheel, the line which pleads for "one final leap" earning the fic it's title. I assisted in writing his death (though I am not sure I am pleased with that writing anymore).
She even wrote out the family tree where she named and gave personalities to Al's four daughters and even had some of the Calavicci line marry into the Beckett line.

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