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Originally Posted by leaper1 View Post
Due to all the warnings, I didn't get rid of my taken from tv video recordings when I got the region 2 dvds.
I am only now getting round to a detailed comparison.
I'm playing the video on my tv and simultaneously playing the region 2 dvd on my portable player.
So far I've been through the whole of season 1 and everything is exactly as aired [in UK that is of course] - perhaps the odd half second cut around ad breaks, but nothing significant.
I've started season 2 and the first couple of episodes are okay.
I know for sure some of the later eps will be different, especially I'm pretty certain 'Georgia' will be missing from "MIA"
I'll try to remember to post the definitive difference list here once I have it.
Just found the first change - watching 'Another Mother' and for some unfathomable reason the saga cell at the start has replaced Deborah Pratt's dulcet tones with a weird male voice!

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