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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Interesting. I've barely ever seen this show on TV but my bootlegs are TV airings so it must use the original line.
Some stations are indeed quite ridiculous with their language censors.
ABCFamily for example, though I am unsure if they do anymore, at one time actually silenced out the word 'suck' in the Disney Freaky Friday. It's Disney, they watch their own language!

I lost my original QL vhs from the FIRST and 2nd AIRING during that hurricane last year. Flooded. What some folks may not know is that 2nd season reruns actually were different cuts in some respects-especially Leaping In w/o a Net and some others. Please, if someone can lend their memory to this, I would appreciate it. I would KILL for my orginal copies and if anyone knows where to obtain these from someone--email me privately at
I am desperate for 3rd and 4th season especially. PLEASE someone help. I will pay whatever for dubbing and disks and even the work it takes to do them. No other show makes me as happy as QL has always done.

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