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Default Quantum Leap Comic Books

I can't believe I've never posted here before. Quantum Leap is still my all time favorite TV show. When the show was on TV the place where I lived never had much in the way of Quantum Leap merchandise, though. I was only able to find the first 3 novels, and the C. Winston Taylor portfolio of comic book art.

I was an avid comic collector then, but we only got comics at our local book store, and they only carried Marvel, DC, and Archie comics. So no QL comics for me. I quit collecting comics about 12 years ago. Then, last year Dynamite Entertainment released a new Lone Ranger comic series. The Lone Ranger was my favorite childhood hero, so I had to check it out (it's excellent, by the way). My love of comics renewed, I am now on a mission to get all 13 issues of the Quantum Leap comics I missed. I was already able to get issues 1 and 2, with issues 3-7 on their way. Working on finding the second half of the collection.

As I read issues 1 and 2 I thought, "These are pretty good, but if they were done now they could be so much better." Those two issues felt rushed. That usually happens when telling a story in one comic book issue. Today most comic stories are written in story-arcs of anywhere from 3-8 issues. The stories and characters are given more time to develop. Some stories need that extra room, and I think Quantum Leap is one of those. That's why I really liked the idea of those unpublished Acclaim comics, "Into the Void." A QL story allowed to develop over multiple issues.

With the excellent work Dynamite has done with the Lone Ranger (and aren't Sam & Al like a time-travelling Lone Ranger & Tonto?), and the fact that they have multiple other Universal properties already (Battlestar Galactica, Xena), I've been dropping a bug on their boards about them possibly bringing back the series. To no avail so far, but it can't hurt to try. I'd like to see them bring it back, if for no other reason, just to see Sam as a baby finally! Maybe finally publish all those unpublished issues.

Wow, that was a long post to really just say I am enjoying the old Quantum Leap comics and would like to see them continued. Oh well.
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