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Now I am only waiting for my final issue ( #8 ) to arrive. While some of these comics were disappointing, some of these were very, very good. I was quite disappointed with the first two stories. I think the first needed more than one issue, it was too rushed. The second was the opposite. I thought it was too drawn out.

I think my favorite would be #6 - "A Tale of Two Cindys" - where Sam leaps into twins. That should have been a TV episode. #11 was also a fine issue, where Sam leaps into a government project studying the effects of LSD on Soldiers. #12 is a terrific character development issue between Sam and Al. I think the writer of that issue really had a good grip on the characters. Being a Star Wars/Star Trek fan also, I really enjoyed #13. I love the idea that Sam could leap into an alien race.

It really is too bad that this comic series had to end. I think they were just hitting their stride with the writing and art. It would have been great to see Sam as a baby finally. I did find it very ironic that the final issue, #13, had numerous articles and advertisements proclaiming that the comic book would continue even though the TV series had been cancelled.
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