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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Unfortunately we don't know anything about her marriage to Dirk. Judging by how much they were put together in MIA, one might think that Beth and Dirk were meant to be, so they might have been very happy (aside from the obvious guilt about hurting Al). Since we only ever see the story from Al's point of view, we can't say anything for certain. But I think we can all agree that Al didn't deserve what he came back to and after all he did to help Sam help others, it was fitting that he should finally find some happiness.
Agreed that the way Dirk's and Beth's paths would cross were so convenient that they even felt rehearsed, which almost has me wondering if Alia could have played a role. That line he'd cracked about his mother wanting grandchildren seemed way intentional. This is one reason Sam hadn't felt right about pursuing that task.

What I'd meant was that her guilt when she found out that Al had come home alive could have caused Beth's marriage to Dirk to fall apart. This doesn't mean that it hadn't been a happy marriage up until then. It's just a possibility.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
The point I was making is that in the end, he always has a choice to make - he doesn't HAVE to do what Ziggy tells him
That's arguable, it's not clear whether or not success has anything to do with the leaps out. There are conflicting suggestions. Al has warned Sam several times that if he doesn't complete a task he may not leap but both characters have also insisted several times that success has nothing to do with leaping.
Life is a series of choices; we choose to eat an English Muffin for breakfast when cereal was also an option, we choose to sit in front of the television when taking a walk is also an option, we choose to wear the blue shirt instead of the pink.
So yeah Sam has the ability to make any choice, but those choices aren't necessarily linked to leaping. One can make a choice that doesn't deliver the result someone else wanted. Perhaps your mom is bugging you to get your driver's license, so you decide to go take the test and you fail, thus no driver's license.
Sam could choose to do nothing to make a change in a leap and end up never leaping out because GTFW wanted a change made that wasn't made. Like Al's desire for Sam to convince Beth to wait for him GTFW also must have His desired leaps and also has the power to refuse the leap out if He's not satisfied.

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