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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
As for why he couldn't help his dad or Katie - well his dad was too set in his ways, and had no intention of changing his lifestyle. Sam can't force him to exercise and to eat good food.
Frankly, even if Sam's dad did change his lifestyle he was already well into his forties (at least) and a lot of the damage was already done. Starting to eat better and exercise, while it might have helped his blood pressure somewhat, wouldn't have reversed the plaque that had already built up in his arteries. Given the fact that Sam's paternal grandfather also died of a heart attack we know there was likely a hereditary predisposition there. I don't know that they had medicines to control cholesterol or bp at this time, or if they existed they were experimental at that point.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
As for Katie, love literally makes people blind and deaf to what others think about that person. There's no way she would listen to anyone warning her against Chuck. Again, it was something she had to learn for herself.
There also may have been a ripple effect with Katie once Sam stopped Tom from getting killed in Vietnam. With Tom around Katie may have not felt so desperate to leave home, he would've been around to see the way Chuck was treating her and put a stop to it, etc.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Unfortunately we don't know anything about her marriage to Dirk. Judging by how much they were put together in MIA, one might think that Beth and Dirk were meant to be, so they might have been very happy (aside from the obvious guilt about hurting Al). Since we only ever see the story from Al's point of view, we can't say anything for certain.
I wasn't necessarily suggesting that Dirk and Beth weren't happy, as I believe Beth needed to move on with her life. But it's very clear in M.I.A. that she loves Al very much - even if she was happy with Dirk and had a good life it doesn't mean she didn't also have regrets at the same time.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Agreed that the way Dirk's and Beth's paths would cross were so convenient that they even felt rehearsed, which almost has me wondering if Alia could have played a role. That line he'd cracked about his mother wanting grandchildren seemed way intentional. This is one reason Sam hadn't felt right about pursuing that task.

Or Dirk himself was intentionally putting himself in her path. He was very persistent, despite the fact that she had a wedding ring on her finger (yes, she had the M.I.A. bracelet, too, but...). It was clear that she was very vulnerable and to a certain degree he took advantage of that.

As for Sam, he had a bit of a double standard when it came to deciding what was 'meant to be' and what wasn't. However, as I mentioned in the M.I.A. thread, this leap was clearly not for Al and Beth when it first started - Sam was nowhere near Beth when he leaped in and wouldn't have even crossed paths with her had Al not pushed him in that direction (because of the date and the fact that they were in San Diego, which is a big place). By the end of the leap, though, I think that changed or Sam would've leaped out as soon as he saved Skaggs' life. He didn't. He hung around long enough to be standing outside of Beth's house with Al - and it's interesting that he took that as a sign that Al was being given a chance to say goodbye to her, not that he was being given the chance to fix things for Al and Beth.
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