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but one thing that bothered me was that the family overracted about Sam's behavior even though they had good reason. i mean Sam was trying to make the kids less afriad and assure them that everything was ok and they kept getting mad as if they wanted him to say "yes your dad is right, the russians are gonna kill both you kids and all of us". Sam was just being a good uncle. this was one episode where Sam was valid in talking from the future.
You've got to keep in mind the time period this is coming from. I wasn't born during the Cuban Missile Crisis but I very much lived through the nuclear threat that existed between the US and USSR. What Sam was telling the children, for that time period, was quite simply utter nonsense. There was genuine fear that any minute a nuclear bomb would be detonated and the Soviets (Russians) were very much the enemy - all of them. Even Al, at one point, tells Sam something to the effect of "you don't remember what it was like". Sam has the advantage of being able to talk from the future. He knows about Glasnost and Perestroika but the people around him know none of this and can't wrap their minds around a time when Americans and Soviets will live in peace. A good example would be how would you react if someone from 40 years in the future (but you don't know the come from the future) came up to you and said, "don't worry, there's going to be an end to terrorism and there won't be anymore catastrophic attacks." Would you immediately believe them or think they were ready for the funny farm?
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