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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
A thought struck me. How exciting it would be if the devil's invasion had been performed the other way around.
While Sam appears to be acting on good intention, his thoughtful actions cause damage in other areas. Somewhat like Alia as Connie LaMatta who appeared to have Jimmy's interest at heart but was using him to drive a wedge between Connie and Frank.
Revelation: Sam is the devil in disguise trying to undo the real Sam's good deeds. Interference with Ziggy caused her to trace phony brainwaves that appeared to be Sam's.
While the real Sam is in a completely different leap.

There's probably flaws with this such as Sam's coming face to face with the devil being more meaningful but to quote Al (the real one, though I can't remember where he said it) "but it sounds good doesn't it?".
Hahaha! I actually played with this idea in my head for a very long time years ago. Sam appearing as the Devil himself. I could never, for the life of me, figure out how it all would've played out. It struck me as almost impossible. But Devil Sam appearing while the real one is on another completely different place and mission... wow, very plausible.

I saw this episode today again (for like the 50000 time). I just couldn't resist. How great it still is! Do not watch it at night. What a creepy music! Even at the ending with the Stevie reference, when it's supposed to be calming down a little, it's still very unsettling. Love how Stevie drives his car at the beginning, the way he breaks in reverse: Just the way Christine drove herself in the movie. Quite funny. And it made me remember how it disturbed me the first time I saw it because everyone seemed to hear Al. I remember thinking what a strange house that was, full of probably even demonic people who could hear Al. One thing I kept noticing today: Fake Al is always looking at Sam directly, no matter who Sam is with at the moment. Somethig the real Al never does. One part where this is clearly seen is when Sam has his encounter with Ben Masters at Mary's house. It's almost as if fake Al is studying him or something. We later learn that he's actually watching his reactions and enjoying them ("That was priceless!"). I kept thinking that for any first-time viewer this episode is definitely going to be soooo scary. It still has that spark, even after two long decades.
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