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Originally Posted by TylerMeans View Post
I was watching "The Leap Back" last week and I have this nagging question:
What happened to the guy that Al leaped into?
Was he in the imaging chamber all the time?
There is no mention of him throughout the episode. Sam was enjoying his reunion with his wife, while the rest of the team was trying to fugure out why Al leaped into this particular guy.

Then Sam leaps in, Al leaps back to the present day and we can all assume that when Sam did leap the guy returned to his time and place...
This is an interesting point. We know from the pilot episode that someone -- be it Al or Verbena or another person -- talks to the leapee in the waiting room to get information. In this case though I don't know that the leapee could've given them any information that would've been helpful. I doubt he had any idea that the other guy planned to kill them.
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