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Sorry for the delay in replying... man, I'm swamped with so much stuff to do... UGHH!!

Anyway, YES!!! I cast Dave as the President, and he did an amazing job. In fact, he's one of my Exec. Producers too
!! That's funny you all brought that up because we all talked about the same irony when we met Deborah last year... she asked me if I had foresight into seeing who was going to win the election, and I just said it was something I wanted to do! It was a great time!

But yes Dermot, anyone who is over the $100 level is automatically given Executive Producer credit on the film's credits AND on the poster too! That's a perk that comes along with your assistance! So now that means yours truly has to update the poster! And speaking of which, Janine...

I've been tinkering with the idea of making wallpapers for the film too. I'll let you know when they're on the site!

Thanks everyone!


PS: How many more days now?

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