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I would chock it up more to an attempt at corporate synergy. Scott was cast by the producers of the show. Not Universal or NBC.


You never know. This along with the convention, which was mentioned on Access Hollywood(which is produced by NBC/Universal) could remind people at Universal about QL. Universal has changed a lot over the years. The people who have rejected previous efforts of Don may not be there anymore.

For that reason I hope the Con may spur Don to try a new pitch with Universal. The time may finally be right...

At the convention Don said Universal thinks the title "Quantum Leap" is not marketable.....

Which was before a movie called "Quantum of Solace" was released and did fine!!!!
" Tom is just a great name! Tom is the name of a Hero! You don't want to name a hero Percy or something"

Don Bellisario on why he used the name Tom so much in Quantum Leap

(Yes my name is Tom. So when he told me that I had a big grin on my face! )
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