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I am not a fan of "fan films" as I don't see the point of making something based on already established product. The possibility of making something truly new and groundbreaking is too good an opportunity to miss. Also the idea of having said fan film be Quantum Leap but without the original actors is the biggest mistake a person could make. Even being British I was never affected by the death of Princess Diana although I know her to have done a lot of good work for important causes her death was over-mourned and as a result a great amount of her message was lost. Also people forgot her human side which was swept away in favour of this image the press created.

So wasn't a fan of A Leap To Die For...


Acting was excellent. (Sorry for not knowing names guys!) Sam was almost note perfect but it took a little while for me to warm to the new Al. The story was brilliant and the ending even left a little tear in my eye. I got goosebumps at the opening and the idea of how the Project had been maintained since Mirror Image was SO well written. Everything about this project was so smartly executed. I was speechless.

I know it was budgetary no doubt but I had to chuckle at how the majority was set in just the hotel. Haha. But to maintain that AND still craft the story was superb.

Congratulations on this film. It continued the QL tradition and respected the show, it's fanbase AND logic. Everyone involved should be given a medal (or TV show deal). All the best to the creators in their future works.
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