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Default New Here and miss the show after 17 years!!

I started watching the show in the second season in the first leap of Sam into female. I had no idea why Sam was in drag and why Al was only seen to Sam.

I did not watch it until later in Season 4 where Sam was a pregnant female. I thought that it was the girl herself telling Al in the waiting room (then I did not know the name) that she regretted wanting to give her baby up for adoption up. I did not realize a hybrid computer was in the works, and when I first learned that Ziggy figured out why Sam was there in each leap later on, I thought he was a person!

As I further watched the show afterwards I learned that Ziggy is a her and that it is a pile of circuts! I even learned about Sam's swissed cheesed brain when Al told Sam in one leap where the future project Quantum Leap was going to be. When Season 5 was on, I started taping the show when it came on as I worked nights back then.

I was saddened to hear NBC cancel the show abrubptly and was further saddened to see only Al have a happy ending and that Sam never returned home! I wanted to leap into the TV set and tell the bartender off as I thought he was MEAN to Sam!

I did not believe the bartender, and I often wondered how a man with amnesia can control his own destiny. Now I figured out that it is not how Sam is being leaped, but why! He told him that leaping is where Sam wants to be, not where he moves himself to be!

The bartender knows Sam's real thoughts and not those of what us imperfect humans want us to think that thoughts and morals are supposed to be! By telling Sam he needs to accept control over his fate, I now know that the reluctant bartender is not being mean but truthful and wants Sam to examine himself to see what he really wants! Hence the "You need to take a look in the mirror more often" statement the mysterious man made to Sam after he saw his own reflection at the beginning of Mirror Image was not literal, but an expression. He was telling Sam he needs to reflect on his own consience and that is why he also recommended to the leaper a sabbatical! That word has two meanings as it means not only a rest, but to examine one self as well!

Thanks to all of you, I figured this out. I also look forward to talk and chat here of my favorite program of all time!
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