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Originally Posted by Lightning Mcqueenie
In fact, Zoe goads Alia to kill Sam in Deliver Us From Evil because "this could be the leap that sends you home, Alia... Home".
Actually this is an inconsistency that has me stumped which I also explain in the Evil Leapers thread. Which brings me to this.
Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
There is not a single piece of evidence to support this.
There are in fact several in the second two episodes.
Return of the Evil Leaper.
The scene in Alia's dorm after they discover Sam's presence in the leap.
"Lothos isn't pleased with your prior work concerning Dr. Beckett."
"Then why did he send me here?"

Alia in the next scene tells Sam that they tortured her, thus she was returned somewhere which is involved with her project.

Then at the end while Sam is holding on to her but is waiting for those last few percentile to trigger his leap out, Zoey growls:
"Lothos, pull Alia out!"

A few moments prior while still in the car, Sam is trying to explain leaping Alia with him to Al.
"if I don't Zoey will tell Lothos and he'll leap her out, I'll lose her forever."
He can't possibly know of course but he too seemed to take the hint from her having been tortured.

Revenge; after Alia's leap out to her freedom:
"She leaped!"
"She didn't leap back!"

Originally Posted by Blue Enigma
I really admire writers like Melanie Rawn in Knights of the Morningstar and Sandy Hall, Sharon Wisdom and Michelle Agnew in Hope and Glory (Oh Boy IV) who were able to flesh out her character so beautifully with so little to go on.
Melanie Rawn is quite possibly the best of the official novel authors with Carol Davis (w/Esther D. Reese) who wrote Mirror's Edge right along side. Mirror's Edge beautifully explores through Tom the question of how in the right it is for Sam not to remember Donna and how he'd abandoned her as well as his regrets for not being a better husband to her. This novel portrays Donna in exactly the way Scott imagines her character.
I wonder if Scott or Dean have read any of the books.

Now Hope and Glory I have not heard of. What is this?

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