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Okay, so it is a pretty funny episode while it tries to mix it up with a little bit of drama, which only works to a certain point in this case, or at least not in an impact like we were used to in QL. So many cliches and stereotypes here and there, like the brother himself and pretty much all the other characters that were presented here, except probably for the brother's wife, who I liked a lot. Even with all that and with some over-the-top kiddie moments (the scene where the big guy is trying to get Sam in his trailer house comes to mind), it's still a very enjoyable episode and there's nothing I really dislike about it. I was doubtful about whether or not to give this episode an Excellent rating or just a Good one, but then I decided in my mind that it was just a pretty common episode for QL: Nothing quite remarkable but nothing bad, either. Just transitional, like many eps. were in this 3rd season.

The thing I loved the most about this chapter was its assessment on those sort of shows, and it's very shameful the way the jerks at the bar were presented, but unfortunately there's people like that, and way, way worse in reality. That little comment by Tommy was very effective and you gotta wonder why are there still shows like these even to this day? Because people don't care if it's false or not, and all they want is to be entertained, even if that means they're going to get their entertainment in the lowest possible way...

As always, masterful direction by Joe Napolitano. He was a QL wizard.

One of the eps. I watch a lot.

My rating: Good.
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