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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
The logistics are different and it wouldn't work. If we have a female leaper lost in time and unable to go home the way Sam is how is she going to actually have the baby? Is it going to be the leapee's baby once she actually bears the child, even though the leaper is the one who is pregnant in body? Do we assume that G/T/F/W is going to give her maternity leave and let her go home to have the baby so she's not in someone else's aura (and so, you know, she can have a baby in relative safety)? What about prenatal care? And what happens to the child after she gives birth? Not to mention having to leap while pregnant which would be an extremely uncomfortable nine months, and that's assuming it's a straightforward pregnancy with no issues like preeclampsia, etc. Sam as a man could just dump his seed and go on his merry way. Alia or another female leaper wouldn't have that option.
And those sort of questions are the very reason why I love this show, there's so much to think about
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