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Keep your eyes peeled for the Quantum Leap Podcast Christmas special, to be released in the near future, about the episode "A Little Miracle".

It's funny because during our discussion, we found that none of us could agree on who represented the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present (Al obviously was the Ghost of Christmas future), so I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were?

My take is that Sam represents the Ghost of Christmas Past, as he is the one who found the box of photographs, and is the one who took Blake to the neighbourhood where he grew up; and that Captain Downey represented the Ghost of Christmas Present, as she was representative of everything that Blake wanted at that point in time.

However, a couple of alternatives were given - Albie thinking that Sam actually represented the Ghost of Christmas Present, and that the past was represented by the photos. Amanda agreed with Sam being the Ghost of the Present, but thought that the Ghost of the Past was represented by Blake's childhood friend.

What does everyone else think?
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