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Following on from the excellent previous episode, we get a below average episode this time. Don't get me wrong, it does have some standout moments, but for the most part I think this episode is lacking.

I think my main gripe with this episode is that I just don't like many of the characters. Ronny is plain annoying for the most part, and his and Terry's mother comes across as caring more for the title than her son's life. The subplot with Sherry and her husband Carl is also rather slapstick for me. They're both just a little too over the top.

I did like some parts of the episode, though. The part with those two dumb guys in the bar is really funny (especially Al's comment about them keeping fishing programmes on air. lol). The end fight is also enjoyable, with Sam's knowledge of the sleeper move coming in handy.

My rating. Fair. One of the poorer offerings of season three.
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