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Default Need some sounds for fanvids

Hey, folks!

I'm trying to complete a new fanvid for YouTube, but I'm missing some key sound files to finish it:

1) Sam saying "Oh, boy" with no background music or sound effects.

2) The handlink making noises, preferably with the sound of Al shaking it and/or whacking it (again, with no other background noise, if possible).

3) The sound of the Imaging Chamber door opening and closing.

I looked here on this site's Multimedia section, but I didn't see anything like that.

If you have any of these things (even just one), could you please either post the link in this thread as to where I can find it, or could you private-message me so we can exchange e-mail addresses?

I will, of course, post the final product here when it's done.

Thanks in advance!
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