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The fantastic start to this season continues with a great little story. From the beginning scene with Sam playing chopsticks to racing through the park while battling temporary blindness this episode delivers on all fronts.

The stand out character here has to be Chopin. That dog is just too darn cute. The way he accepts Sam and then helps him at the end is wonderful to see. Michelle's mother, Agnes is an interesting character. She's cold and vicious and generally awful throughout the episode, but I did wind up feeling a little bit of sympathy for her. Ultimately, she's just a sad, broken woman, desperately trying to keep hold of her daughter to such a degree that she's suffocating her. I really felt for Michelle, though, as well. I'm glad that all parties here reached a good ending.

The only negative aspect to the episode is Pete, really. He's just so obviously the killer that he might as well have it written on his forehead. It's not just that he acts slightly off-kilter, it's also because this episode didn't have enough characters. There should have been at least one other male character to keep the whodunnit aspect of the ep alive. One other small drawback is Sam genuinely going blind for a while. Another part of the story that seemed slightly unoriginal. Although I did like someone else's thought on here that GTFW allowed this to happen so matters could be fixed with Michelle and her mother.

My rating. Excellent. One of my favourites from season 2.
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