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Smile Wow, an update! Seriously?!

For anyone who may still be checking this forum, hello there!

Yes, it has been an extremely long time coming, but I now feel confident in saying that this 2-part story should finally be published relatively soon.

How soon, you ask? Well, I'm trying to be very careful to not prematurely get people's hopes up...however, Mike and I have been back in contact on a semi-regular weekly basis. I have finally worked out all of the details and connected all the dots. If you are a writer, you'll know what I mean when I say that sometimes in conceiving a story (and especially a huge one meant to be a culmination of everything that came before), you can't see the entire picture. For a very long time, I had the dots connected from A to L maybe, and then had somewhere around S and most definitely had Z...but I didn't necessarily have the rest of the dots connected, so I couldn't really get to Z until I made the other connections. Does that make any sense? And then, I also wasn't sure I could see the picture based on what was written already. But after re-reading it all again, discussing it with Mike, and thinking about how we created the scenario in the first place, the final pieces of the puzzle are now there.

Right now, I'll say that the chances of it being released before the end of 2017 are pretty solid. Hopefully, it will be sooner: aiming for early Fall; after re-reading a lot of stories that I needed to in order to refresh my memory, I'm determined to keep the momentum going. But I'm saying Winter 2017/18 to play it safe. I've already made significant progress in writing and rewriting a few scenes. The entire 2-part story might be a tad larger than we expected it to be. We almost considered needing it to be 3 parts, but I think we got around it...instead of eight chapters, it'll probably now be ten: five for Part 1 and five for Part 2 (which is how my first story "Second Genesis" was structured anyway). It flows better doing it that way. To put that in context, there are currently six full chapters, the beginning of Chapter 7, and segments of either Chapter 8 or 9 (about 50 pages in total, including episode recaps). We are essentially almost halfway through Part 2, which is now also retitled "The Butterfly Effect" instead of "Rebirth" (upon reading it, you will understand why). It might seem a bit crammed with material, and the readers will likely begin to say, "Wait...what?!? Where the hell did THAT come from?!" during the second half of Part 2, but the idea is to connect aspects of everything I've written or co-written (including the seemingly unconnected "Lifetime" trilogy and "Project Liberty" finale) and bring it all full circle. Trust me, it'll all make sense. I hope...

On top of that, I am also attempting to finish my prequel story for The Starbright Project titled "Conceptions," which is important enough to the narrative of Maxwell Connors' back-story to warrant completing it. I'm trying to get them both done simultaneously because the end of Max's story in "Fate's Wide Wheel" will make more contextual sense once you have read how it all began in "Conceptions." (Since this also connects with what I said above about bringing the entire arc of stories full circle.) Basically, it's all meant to be read in this order:

"Second Genesis"
"Second Genesis, Part II"
"Lifetime: Future's End"
"Lifetime: Past's Prologue"
"Lifetime: Present's Convergence"
"Give Me Liberty"
"Give Me Death"
"Killin' More Time"
"Shockwave, Part II -- Severed String"
"Fate's Wide Wheel"
"Fate's Wide Wheel, Part II -- The Butterfly Effect"

I will post more updates as Mike and I get closer to completing the story (which as I said, I'm hoping will be within the next couple of months). I will also post something similar on the main board and the Facebook group.

Until next time,


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