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Default The future of QL

Article 1104

{I know I said I wasn't gonna get into the revival posts, but as this has words from Scott, I thought it was worth preserving}

Bakula On-Line Chat

Date: 01/28/2001
From: alongtimefan

I've been meaning to post this this Scott Bakula interview. It's very interesting. It was an on-line interactive chat with Scott Bakula from 2/00. I wish I could catch these chats as they happen. If anyone hears of one, please post on BBoard so we can participate.

FYI...(Mici) is the person asking Scott the question.
on-line chat transcript:

{Mici}: Many have asked "Will Quantum Leap Return?"

{Scott Bakula}: I wish I knew the answer to that question ... probably the most asked question of me ...
you never know.

{Mici}: Is there any truth to the rumor that there will be a Quantum Leap movie?

{Scott Bakula}: It is a truthful rumor but there is no truth to it ... we don't know ...we still remain willing and able, but the phone hasn't rung.

(Mici): Approximately how many scripts are presented to you in a given month, and how do you choose the projects you do?

{Scott Bakula}: Well, there is a script flow that comes into my company, about 50 to 100 scripts per month ...
I will see a small portion of those and then I will get anywhere from 10 - 20 scripts submitted through my agents for acting roles. That doesn't include books, original musicals, treatments, pitches and the odd 20/20 or 60 Minutes stories. I almost always start with the script and the writing ...and then the character. If I am not going to be in the movie, the characters ...and then you have to consider if it is something you think you can sell.

{Scott Bakula}: There are lots of great ideas that no one will make in this town the Quantum Leap movie.

end chat notes

This BBoard WILL change the "no one will make in this town..."
Because, by now, surely every person on the BBoard cares enough about Quantum Leap....without exception....whether they post or just have written to Bellisario, Universal, and Sony to get Quantum Leap back.
And, gotten their mother, brother, and dog to write, too.
See post 1096 for names/address/letter content.
We can change the minds of the Studio Nozzles (who are those guys, anyway?).
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