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Default Jack & Bobby discussion thread

Premieres Sunday September 12, 2004@ 9 PM(EDT). I had the privilege of viewing the entire first episode on DVD via an issue of Entertainment Weekly.
EDIT(I made a mistake):
The series is about 2 brothers, one of whom becomes president of the U.S. later in life. You won't be certain as to which McCallister brother becomes president until near the end. We get to see how the future president of the U.S. grows up with his eccentric(I think that?s the word) mother in his home town of Hart, Missouri. For more, go to www.theWB.com
A trailer included! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the next ep!

Christine Lahti as Grace McCallister
Matt Long as Jack McCallister
Logan Lerman as Bobby McCallister
Jessica Par? as Courtney Benedict
Edwin Hodge as Marcus Ride
John Slattery as Peter Benedict

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