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Default Quantum leap twilight towers

Leap date :- 22 June 1997

Part 1

Sam travels through time feeling like he was swimming in a ocean of time and like always he leaps in.

After a wash of blue bright light Sam leaps into a waiter and after the light fades away Sam finds himself in a kitchen in a old manner house.

A butler dressed in old Victorian clothing and says straight away after walking into the kitchen.

"ah your here!"

He walks up to Sam and says

"its so good to meet you Sam beckett"

Sam with so much surprise on his face says "oh boy!"

Sam looking dump founded and replies

"how do you know my name?"

The butler smiles and says "you have been expected no time to explain Sam lots to do and not much time to do it. OK take the food and bring it into the dining room as quickly as you can please thank you."

The butler leaves the room leaving Sam completely lost for words he finds himself wearing waiters clothing in old period clothing. And Sam sees a near by mirror on the wall he walks up to the mirror and he sees looking in the reflection in the mirror.

His own face looks back at him from the looking glass he touches his own face and says "how can it be me... Actually me looking in the mirror?" he says to himself as if asking himself his own question the butler returns and discovers Sam touching his own face and says to Sam.

"all thoses mirrors Sam how long has it been since you have actually seen your own face looking back at you in the mirror."

Sam smiles at the butler and replies

"its been a long time how do you know me? And know I haven't seen myself in the mirror for years?"

The butler says

"don't worry all your questions will be answered in time for now we need to attend to our master quickly bring in the food now Sam"

The butler leaves once again and feeling like Sam was full of questions he picks up the food on the side and brings them into the main dining hall.

Meanwhile project quantum leap 1999

Al was doing his usual rounds at the project fileing paper work and attending meetings and as he walked into the main control room the time machine including ziggy starts to behave strangely the imaging chamber door starts to open and close and open and close. And ziggy starts to say ramdom things.

"admiral, Sam, Sam, Sam, 1997 England, Sam is lost in........ In, in, in..... Time......" and then ziggy blue glow shuts down and Al says to

The head programmer

"what's going on?"

"it seems ziggy has a error in her systems we have no idea what's caused it or why"

"do you know where Sam is?"

"the last time we where tracking him he was close to 1996 but to be honest he could be anywhere in time"

"OK keep me posted"

Al looks at the imaging chamber and says "where ever you are Sam hang in there Sam am on my way to you."

End of part 1
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Part 2

Sam lays out all the food on the dining room table and puts out all of the silver wear once he has finished the butler and all the maid servents stand in a line near the big dining room table.

The butler says to sam

"good, good Sam now sit down at the table and enjoy the food"

Sam says feeling a little confused

"you want me to eat this food?"

"of course this spread is for you our fine guest who comes to us from swimming through an ocean of time. Our master will be down soon to greet you for now will we take our leave."

They all bow and exit the room at the top of the room exit door.

Sam feeling really confused with his whole situation starts to lay out so food for himself he eats the duck and pours himself some drink and as he eats the meal and drinks he looks around the room, the dinning room was a very big room with coats of medieval armour at certain points around the room there was also a set of stairs leading to the first floor landing of the dining room and Sam wondered if the "master" the so called master lived up there.

After spending the entire meal eating by himself Sam got him self up from the table and looked around trying to investigate the room more their was a old Victorian grand father clock that got his attention and as Sam walked up to the time piece. Sam found it really odd that the clock wasn't keeping time at all the hands on the clock kept tricking one second and then it kept going back on it self as if the clock itself was suck in a time loop the time read on the face of the clock "11:05am" but the second hand on the clock kept tricking for only a second and going back on its self which Sam found to be very disturbing indeed.

After feeling like he had spent hours all in the dinning room and with no time actually moving forward Sam wanted answers so he started to walk up the stair case up to the first floor landing but as soon as he got up half way up the stair case the butler quickly returned just by himself and say quickly to Sam "Sam no, no one is allowed to walk into the masters chambers please come down at once!"

As Sam was about to make a reply the butler takes a gun out of pocket and aims it at Sam and says

"sorry sir you need to follow the rules of the house"

Sam accepts defeat for now and slowly walks back down the stairs back into the dining room.

The butler smiles and puts the gun away and continues to say.

"I must go now sir but don't worry the master will make his appearance soon he is dieing to meet you. I have other duties to attend to and must take my leave."

The butler exits the room and Sam feeling trapped inside this strange house walks out of the dining room and walks to the big front door he trys the door but it's lock but as he looks out of one of the windows the oddest thing happened it was time itself was frozen out side the house.

It was the most beautiful country since out side and it was raining but the rain wasn't moving it was like out side was a still picture and nothing was moving....

Meanwhile back at the project AL walked up to the waiting room took out the hand link tapped on the device and as the door opened into the room Al was surprised to find no one in the room.

Al stood in the waiting room with the blue room all around and al felt so lone his friend was gone and Al was starting to worry he ran back into the control room and the tech crew was trying to resort ziggy but having no luck what so ever.

Al says to the head programmer.

"there's no one in the waiting room Sam must be their out their in time as himself."

The programmer says to al

"and also admiral we have a visitor and he wants to see you now"

"what do you mean we have a visitor?"

The programmer continues to say

"they are in the imaging chamber AL waiting for you he came out before and went back in. We tried security but our visitor is like a ghost he's not actually here you see."

Al looking deeply confused says


He walks up the ramp taps into the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens and inside the empty white room stands all alone in the center is the butler from the manner house.

As AL steps into the room the imaging chamber door closes behind him and Al says

"who are you? And how did you get into this room without alarming security?"

The butler answers

"you must be Al Sam's most faithful friend the master has told me so much about you?"

"the master?"

"indeed the master has sent me to tell you Sam is in safe hands and to stop looking for him otherwise there will be trouble."

Al replies "Sams my friend it's my duty to find him and help him no matter where he is in time and space."

The butler says

"Al that is nice to hear but Sam is with the master now and he has his own plans for the good Dr beckett"

"how do you know all of this?"

"in time all of your questions will be answered" and with that the butler fades away like a ghost leaving AL all alone in the imaging chamber.

End of part 2

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Part 3

Sam walking back into the dining room was ready to try and come up with some plan to try and get out of this house if he could he also wondered what possible thing was he expected to do this time around what wrong was here to put right he didn't have a clue and worse yet he was even expected he has never leaped anywhere before that he was actually expected to turn up and why was his mirror image his? Lots of questions and no answers in return yet plus where was Al?

Sam walks to the near by fire place to think more about the situation in the dining room and strangely even those there was a fire burning it was frozen to the spot.

Wasn't fires surpose to move thinking fast Sam took one of the napkins off the table and threw it straight in the fire at that same moment the fire started to move Sam looked at the fire in wonder but as soon as the paper burnt fast the fire was frozen again.

What on earth was going on he thought fires that only moved when you try and burn paper in it.

This house was starting to become stranger and stranger.

Sam quickly walks to the exit the servents used last time they left the room he opened the door to see if the coast was clear and it was at that very same moment Sam said to himself with determination.

"let's find out who is actually in control around here"

He ran across the room and right up the stairs and as soon as he got to the first floor landing he bursted into

The masters chambers.

Meanwhile Al was helping the technical staff try and put ziggy back on line and after a few minutes the time machine came back online and the device started to flash red, yellow and green just like the handlink and the big blue ball of ziggys software came back online and she said.

"admiral did you miss me?"

Al smiles and says to ziggy

"you say that a lot OK have you located Sam yet?"

"I have been experiencing a lot of problems trying to locate Dr beckett but now I believe I have we can obtain a lock on him when you are ready to see him in the imaging chamber."

"OK great ziggy lock onto Sam am going in"

"yes admiral"

Al walks up the ramp taps into the handlink and the imaging chamber door opens al steps into the room and after a few more taps of the hand link

Al finds himself in a empty field somewhere in the country side.

Looking puzzled Al looks at the handlink and says out loud

"center me on Sam"

Ziggy says to Al

"we have admiral Sam should be in front of you now"

"there's nothing here ziggy I am standing in a empty field right now all I can see in every direction is woodland."

Ziggy continues to say

"am sorry but according to my systems you are standing in the same place as Dr beckett is a 94.3 per cent sure."

Al thinking fast and says

"maybe Sam is here ziggy try center me on Sam one second in the past"

Ziggy sounding confused

"why admiral?"

"Not sure I just have a feeling"


And in that very same moment Al appears in the dinning room of the manner house.

End of part 3
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part 4

As soon as Sam bursted into the chambers of the master of the house the door to the room slammed shut behind him with supernatural strength the room was completely empty a room looking like it hasn't been used for a very long time and in the center of the room stood a man covered in bright blue light.

Sam couldn't believe his eyes he saw a spiritual entity a being that was covered with temporal quantum leap energy he looked like he was in the process of leaping all of the time the bright light allmost hurt Sam's eyes the entity was very hard to look at.

And the entity turned around from looking out of one of the near by windows and looked at Sam and the surprising thing about this supernatural entity was he looked exactly like Sam beckett.

Sam with unbelieving eyes said to the being "who are you and what are you?"

The entity sounding just like Sam

Answers "father! Your here a little earlier than I wanted but you are here and together we shall be here together forever."

Sam says to the man in the light

"am not your father how can I be?"

The entity smiles and says

"I am your path through time I know your past, present and future I am the paradox that you created by moving through time I am the damage of traveling through time the moment you started traveling through time as each leap passes and after each change is made for better or for whose I grow stronger."

"how is this even possible?"

"anything is possible with time father, mother I can slow the passage of time and speed it up. I can even send you home if you truly want to father, mother"

"everything out side this room right now time is being slowed down even your friend Al is here right now but he is moving like slow motion he won't even realize it"

The entity laughs

And Sam says "I'll be back I need to see my friend just stay right there."

"as you wish father, mother"

"why do you call me that?"

"because your quantum leaping created me and I see you as my parents you gave me life I exist only because of you, no one else gave me life I am born of your actions no one else's."

At that moment Sam opens the door and runs back down the stair case back to the ground floor into the dining room and clocks Al

And says "Al"

"Sam it's lucky that we found you at all this leap is starting to feel a little strange."

"you're telling me Al I have just seen the boss around here and he's me, sort of"

Al looking very confused

"how can he be you Sam?"

"he's not he's a spiritual entity that has been created as a by product of me traveling through time"


Al taps the handlink and says

"Dr becks you are definitely going to have to work over time on this leap."

"I know it sounds crazy"

"your telling me"

"Al why am I even here anyway?"

Al looks at the hand link and reads

"OK it's June 22 1997 and you haven't leaped into anyone you are you this time and you are in England. Sam that's great you'll leaped outside the country again and as to why you're here we don't know yet but we are definitely working on it Sam"

After reading

Suddenly the butler enters the dining room looking very upset and walks over to Sam and AL and says

"so you're seen the master Sam a little earlier then we where planning but none the less in a way it's good that you have finally been introduced."

Then the butler looks at AL and says

"but strangers are not welcome here"

The butler clicks his fingers and suddenly Al disappears and he finds himself all alone in a empty white room of the imaging chamber.

End of part 4

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Part 5

Al says outloud

"center me on Sam"

"we can't right now their is interference blocking us right now we can't get a lock"

"I was just there"

"sorry admiral"

Al taps a few times on the hand link and he steps back into the control room.

Sam says "where's Al what have you done with Al?"

The butler smiles and says

"don't be alarmed sir your admiral is safe. Remember I said strangers are not welcome here and that includes your friend."

"how can you see Al he only tuned into my brain waves no one else's"

"am sorry sir please forgive me I have other duties to attend to and must leave you now."

Sam says "no"

"no? what do you mean by that sir?"

"we're going out we're leaving this house right now open the front door now"

"sorry sir I can't do that, thats against the house rules"

"to hell with the rules"

Sam walks out of the room and heads for the front door the butler quickly chases Sam and takes the gun out of his pocket and aims it at Sam, Sam turns around to see the gun pointing at him.

"of course Sam as you can see leaving the house is not possible you don't want to make the master of the house unhappy now do you?"

At that very moment Sam does a round house kick, kicks the gun out of his hands he picks up the gun and aims it at the butler and Sam says

" now please open the front door "

The butler feeling surprised by his actions says

" as you wish sir""

He takes the front door keys out of his pocket places the key in the lock and turns the key and opens the front door with the gun still pointed at the butler Sam walks out and suddenly hits an invisible barrier.

Sam trys to move passed it but can't the butler laughs and says

"Sam you are trapped in a time loop the master is the only one who can let you go he brought you here in the first place hes the only one who can let you go"

"the gun please if you may"

Sam feeling like he didn't have any other option hands the gun back and the butler quickly hits Sam over the head with the fire arm and he falls into unconscious.....

Al says to ziggy

"what's our options ziggy?"

Ziggy replys

"from what I can process Sam is trapped in a time loop in June 22 1997 and he is the only one who can find a way out of the trap"

"how did he get stuck into it ziggy?"

"the best thing I can come up with admiral is think of Dr beckett as a car and as he travels through time normally he doesn't get stuck and bounces around in time quiet normally."


"but only this time his car has got stuck in the mud and has created a time loop now the only way he can resolve this is to get out of the car and push it out of the mud"

"OK got it so why is Sam there ziggy?"

"their is a 84.3 per cent chance Dr Beckett is there to resolve the paradox"

"how is he suppose to do that?"

"at this moment I am not sure how"

Sam wakes up tried to one of the dinning room chairs and the butler says

"very disappointing Sam we treat you like a guest with good, food and wine and this is how you repay us with fighting how disappointing. The master is ready for you now I will take my leave."

He bows and leaves the room and suddenly the master appears out of thin air in a bright light of quantum leap energy and he appears at the front of the dining room table and says

" father, mother how disappointing.... "

End of part 5

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Part 6

The master sits down on the chair at the very top of the dining room table and still very hard to look at. With him being a being full of quantum leap energy coming from every part of his body.

Sam says to him "am I a prisoner?"

"no father, mother you are free to walk twilight towers"

"twilight towers?"

"its what I call this place"

"OK if I am not a prisoner let me out of these ropes I am tied to"

"as you wish"

And suddenly the ropes disappear from Sam's arms and Sam gets up and says "thanks" he immediately does a runner he runs back into the kitchen.

And he hears the entity say from the other room

"Sam! You can't escape me"

He opens the back door of the kitchen and inside the back door was surprisingly another kitchen the same one in fact he runs into the other kitchen and opens the back door again to only find yet another kitchen inside that room Sam was seeing infinitely and he knew he couldn't escape that way he walks slowly back into the dining room and faces the master of the house and he says to the master.

"if you are my foot print as it where through time and in some way you are a anti time being, a being that has been created by my mending with time so in a way when I think about it you are a tear in reality a hole a gateway that I made by mistake caused. so in reality I am the key to all of this. "

" and I am greatful to you I exist because of you. You are the most important person to me in all of time and space. "

" but the problem is your unnatural and you remaining could cause more damage to time itself and I have to fix that"

Suddenly Al appears and says to Sam, Sam quickly looking at Al.

"Sam your here to fix the paradox it's the only way to leap out of here."

Sam turns to the entity and says

"please forgive me"

Then he runs towards the spirit with the spirit shouting "no!" and as they hit together they both start to quantum leap in a big flash of light. The biggest quantum leap Sam or Al has ever seen or experienced the whole wave covered the entire house.

The quantum leap waves of lights lasted for a lot longer than normal this time and as the leap faded away Sam finds himself laying in a field in the country side with no one about Al looking over him says

"are you OK Sam? Buddy are you OK?"

Sam slowly picking himself up from the ground and groans saying "did we do it Al?"

Al looks at the hand link and says " I think so Sam, I think so."

As Sam stands up and looks about feeling very tried indeed he says to his friend "so where's the house and the butler and all of the maids?"

Al taps the hand link for advice and it starts flashing red, yellow and green.

"Well Sam the house was the time loop and a creation of that being so as soon as you closed the tear in reality you canceling him out everything he created disappeared with him in a way all of them all of those people didn't really exist it was your leap that created it Ziggy says it was a once in a million per chance that caused it but it's been fixed now you did it buddy "

Sam looks over the valley and looks at AL and says " am ready to go now"

And in that moment of reflection Sam was covered in a wave of blue light and Sam quantum leaps into time.....

As the leaped faded Sam found himself on a passager train reading a newspaper and the train was racing down the track suddenly Al appears disbursing his reading he puts the newspaper down and Al says to Sam

"Sam we have major issues this time ziggy says theirs a 97.3 per cent chance your here to stop a bomb from blowing up the train but you only have 25 minutes to find the bomb, disarm it and save the train plus stop a murder....."

Sam says "oh boy!"

The end

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