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Default Check this out if you dare

Probably shouldn't be promoting this, because it actually disses QL quite a bit, but in spite of that, it is actually funny in places...


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WOW! I never thought about it that way. When you stop and don't look at how much you like the characters as we know them, and consider that it could have been just some random person off the street in these roles, the show could have been super aweful. It only has quality for me because of WHO played in it and HOW they conveyed their parts. It did make me laugh, though, to think that something I think is so awesome could be stripped to read so dully and idiocally like that. It's good to see the other side of the argument, thanks for sharing, leaper1!
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It made me laugh too haha.

"Sam hits the woman's boss with his handbag, now everything's fine :P"
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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
It made me laugh too haha.

"Sam hits the woman's boss with his handbag, now everything's fine :P"
That is funny if you think about it even on Dvd as well.
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I had a good laugh over this. Thanks, leaper1!

My favorite bits:

"Is there any way Ziggy can figure out how to do this stuff any quicker? What a crap supercomputer! Who on earth built it?"

"Because SAM is a GOODY GOODY, he refuses to do what ANY MAN ALIVE would do and spend the ENTIRE EPISODE PLAYING with his new LADY BITS."

"This is ridiculous. Iím wearing a nappy! One day Iíll go on to Captain the USS Enterprise and here I am now in a nappy! The dignity!"

"SAM is actually MARRIED but weíll just PRETEND that isnít the case and you just IMAGINED that ENTIRE EPISODE with his POOR WIFE in it. Really, it NEVER HAPPENED. SAM leaping through time SLEEPING WITH LOTS OF WOMEN and falling in love with a HOT EVIL LEAPER isnít ADULTERY at all. Or perhaps, if he really is WORKING FOR GOD, this means GOD APPROVES OF ADULTERY."

The whole thing is hilarious, really. I'll bookmark it for future laughing reference.
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