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Default Kevin Spiritas and general guest question

I recently noticed that Kevin Spiritas is no longer listed on the guests page (unless I am missing it). I assume this means that he won't be at the convention after all? Also, has the committee contacted the actresses who played Zoey or Alia? Some of the best episodes of the show included these ladies and it would be great to have them there.
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Oh, you have a good eye!

Kevin contacted us last week to let us know he was very sorry but that he had been booked for a performance in Florida during the convention weekend.

Some of our guests may find work that prevents them from attending, but I can tell you that Scott Bakula has been telling just about everyone he meets that he'll be at the con for sure. I can't say that in any official capacity of course, but that's what we are hearing from fans who have met him recently and even some of our board members.

Hopefully we won't have any more drop-outs, but we are still looking for even more of your favorites!

We've been trying to find the Evil Leapers for sure. I have no contact info for them. "Alia" is no longer in the acting business, from what I have been able to find out. Will continue to try and find them though!

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Yes, from what I've read Scott is really looking forward to the QL Con.
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