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Default Quantum leap a leap in technicolor

Part 1

As Sam leaped into his new surroundings he felt like he was in a completely new place a place he had never been before when the light faded away it had an unusual brighter blue light this time round and Sam found himself just walking down a desert road and the sky above him was yellow? And as he looked all around him he could see was line drawings of mountains.

Sam was completely surprised by the whole scenery.

It was totally unreal it was like God or time or fate had leaped him and pick him up and threw him into a cartoon into the cartoon world.

Suddenly he saw road runner run past him at high speed and road runner said as he was traveling past "

" beep, beep!"

As road runner ran past Sam he couldn't help but to say to himself

"road runner?"

Sam looked at himself and he looked like a cartoon man holding a hunting rifle but Sam said to himself.

"am in the wrong cartoon! how can I be Elmer Fudd?"

But to Sam's surprise he was Elmer Fudd and he said to himself

"oh boy!"

"out of all time and space why Elmer Fudd?" smiling to himself.

Suddenly the cartoon changed all around him and bugs bunny appeared as if out of nowhere and said to Sam after eating a bit of his carrot

"ah what's up doc?"

Sam says to himself

"this is just silly how can I be in a cartoon?"

Bugs bunny looks at Sam oddly and says

"ah you said it doc!"

And then bugs bunny started to say

"Sam wake up, Sam wake up!"

The next minute Sam woke up and al was standing over his bedside and Sam found himself in bed and the room that looked a lot like a hospital room but as Sam sat up in bed the whole room still looked like a cartoon and as he looked at himself his whole body still looked like a cartoon he certainly wasn't Elmer Fudd but the question was now who was he? and why does everything still look like a cartoon? and even Al his best friend in all of time and space even he also was looking a lot like a cartoon.

Sam said to al

"your a cartoon oh boy!"

End of part 1

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Part 2

Sam gets out of bed wearing his colorful pj's and says to Al

"I leaped into the middle of a dream and this is amazing everything I see is like a cartoon Al to me even you Al you are a cartoon!"

Al says "am not a cartoon Sam everything here is normal like always"

Sam looks at himself In the mirror which is on the wall and it is a full size mirror so Sam can see his full body in the mirror inside his room of the hospital room and he says out loud to Al

"I look like Jimmy"

"its because you have the same condition as Jimmy Sam"

"but its funny even I look like a cartoon this whole place doesn't look real"

Sam looks at Al and says

"Al you look so funny, I have to say you being a cartoon really suits you."

"Sam can you quit it with this cartoon thing"

"but it's exactly how I see everything how is this even possible?"

Al taps the hand link and it flashes all over and he reads from the device

"OK it's August 15 1994 and you have leaped into Jeremy O'Donnell and you are in a mental health hospital. And why you are here we are not so sure yet but we are definitely working on it"

"OK does Ziggy know why I can only see everything as cartoons."

Al taps the hand link and says

"Ziggy has a theory but we still need more information."

"could it be connected to why Jeremy is here in this hospital?"

"Ziggy thinks so sure"

Al nods trying to nurse a headache

Al taps the hand link more and it groans.

"OK Al go back and try and get me more info if you would please"

Al nods and he taps the hand link again and the imaging chamber door opens and Sam says watching Al going into the door way.

"bye, bye cartoon Al you look so funny"

Al rolls his eyes and After a few more taps on the hand link the cartoon looking imaging chamber door closes and Al is sent back to the future.

Sam sits back on his bed and he looks at his funny mirror image of his cartoon self and says to himself.

"this leap is going to be so much fun"

End of part 2
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Part 3

Sam layed back down in bed and sleep over took him again.

Sam started to dream he was falling down from the sky and he was flying through cartoon clouds and he was Elmer Fudd again he took a sign out of his pocket that read

"help me"

And he fell and continued to fall but it seemed like he was no closer to the ground he was falling and falling and falling and the fall seemed to last forever.

Then suddenly he hits the ground and it creates a small crater and he pulls himself out of the crater and he sees birds all around him that he quickly shakes off.

Bugs bunny slowly walks up to sam takes out his carrot and says

"ah what's up doc?"

Sam replies "why you" and Sam runs after the buddy and they run, and run around a tree until they both fall to the floor tried of trying to chase each other. And in that moment.

Sam wakes up again out of the dream. In the room he found a TV in one corner and draws full of cartoon comics and when he turned the TV on bugs bunny was on the TV.

And Sam says to himself

"its no wonder you can see everything as cartoons Jeremy it seems that's all you enjoy reading and watching"

A nurse knocks on Jeremy's door and says "Jeremy it's nearly time for dinner make sure you're going to be ready in 10 minutes OK"

Sam nods Sam spends the whole afternoon getting familiar with the hospital, the hospital has a lot of similar patients who have mental health problems.

As Sam is walking down the corridor leading back to his room Al walks out of one of the near by walls to says

"how's it going buddy?"

"good, good just getting myself familiar with this place really does Ziggy know why am here yet?"

Al nods and reads directly from the hand link

"it seems like in the original history after Jeremy is discharged from the hospital his own family finds it hard to look after him and they kick him out of their house and not long after this he becomes homeless and ends up dead on the street and not being able to fit in to society so Ziggy says there is a 92.3 per cent chance you are here to save Jeremy and find him a new foster family that can help and support him and take care of him".

Sam says "oh boy!"

End of part 3
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