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Default Quantum Leap Music Video

I found this music video on-line today, which I got a kick out of. It's a collection of Quantum Leap clips put together to a nice song.

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Sam:"Bonanza was never like this..."

I like that quote, because I'm a huge Bonanza fan myself.
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Thumbs up

Agreed. Well done.


"Just a scratch...Angel."
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-Joel Sloane - Fast and Loose
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the video did not work for me. its frozen on the opening picture that says "Sam and Al"

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You have to give it a while to load...

If your on dial up then theres no hope for you :P
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I liked that. Sweet... and it reminded me of so many of the episodes that I loved to watch. Makes me want to go back and watch a few of them right now.

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I like that, Ohhhh how I wish there could have been more leaps!
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Great vid, some good moments there, great choice music!
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