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Default She's Electric teams up with Al's Place!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't been able to post here in quite awhile, but other matters have called my immediate attention that I have had to do. I promise to try to post here after all of it is done, but it may not be for some time. Do know that, even though I'm not able to post, I am with you guys here in spirit!
My main purpose for writing this post is to inform those who may not know that She's Electric Productions' QL music videos are now available here at Al's Place for downloading! These include the QL: A&O trailer, "Rock This Town," and the MIA video "Our Love." They are located on a special page in the Fan Films section of Al's Library. For those who may have experienced difficulties downloading them off of our main site, hopefully this will help! Keep checking the She's Electric site, though, because new QL videos are in the works and will be up in the future. Thanks again, Brian, for helping us out and for the great page!
Two more things I thought I'd mention before I sign off-- over Christmas break, I borrowed the Legally Blonde 2 soundtrack on CD, since I'm a fan of LeAnn Rimes. I was looking in the CD booklet, when someone caught my eye. In one of the pictures, it took me second, but I finally realized it was who else but Bruce McGill aka Mirror Image's Bartender Al aka MacGyver's Jack Dalton! I never realized it until that moment, since he looked different without his mustache- LOL. And if you look in the movie credits they usually place on the back of movie soundtracks, his name's even listed. It just goes to show how QL can hit you in the most unexpected places- lol.
The other thing I wanted to mention was that I received a video tape of music videos made by Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine from the 1980's (gotta love them!) for Christmas. Now if anyone has ever seen the music video they did to "Bad Boy," you'll know what I'm talking about when I refer to the guys dressed up as cats (They're a great group, but I'm not even quite sure what the symbolism is behind the cats- lol.) Now I'm not quite sure about it myself, but as I was watching this video with my sister, all of a sudden she swears that one of these cats is Bakula. Then everyone else in my family starts saying, "Yeah, that's him. He was in Broadway at the time. It's probably him." Now, you can't get a very good look at this man, but even if it isn't Bakula, it's ironic that there's a guy in this video dressed up as an orange-colored tom cat that looks like him, and later on in his career, he did the movie "Cats Don't Dance," where he did the voice to an orange-colored tom cat. If anyone has any idea as to what I'm talking about, please let me know- LOL!
For now, I wish everyone a very belated merry Christmas and a happy New Year! LEAP ON!!!!!!

- warrior809
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You're welcome! I enjoyed the videos a lot
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