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Smile Question about changes in season 5

Hey folks, first my name is Rikus long time reader of the Alsplace forums but now finally i signed up today (yay

I have a question i never saw the last 3 seasons of quantum leap so i have been buying them on dvd, on purpose i have slowly been watching them, knowing that the end of the series might come at one point.

I'm at season 5 now and i was wondering, did anything change when they started production for season 5? I'm noticing that there is for one more swearing in there and the series seems to be more going into the direction of sci-fi (wich i dont have a problem with) There seems to be the feeling that the creators are allowed to do more, or maybe i'm wrong? Did they change channels in season 5? (forgive me for not knowing this

Right now i'm at the episode were Sam met a evil Leaper in season 5, wich i tought was a totally unexpected but really interesting twist. Can't wait to see what is going to happen next but sad at the same time that i'm only a couple of discs away from seeing the final episode.

I'll be planning to be hanging out a lot more around here, thanks for reading.

Rikus from Canada
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I'm in no way an expert, but from what I understand they were being pushed for dramatic stories by NBC to increase ratings, and on the brink of being cancelled? That's pretty much all I know. Season five is pretty cool, isn't it? It seems lots of people don't like it though.
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Stayed on NBC until it was killed off.

There are 2 more episodes with the Evil Leaper. I like them. Not everyone else liked this idea and felt it was a "gimmick".

The last episode will drive you batty, test your memory of previous leaps (including some inconsistencies re: leap lore), and probably leave you equally scratching your head and wishing we'd gotten a 6th season.
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I'm inclined to agree with the previous posting; in so much as there was extreme pressure form the network to make the stories edgier. It was NBC so go figure. With their track record of trashing good TV Sci Fi like the original Star Trek and continuing into the present with their programing on the Sci Fi Channel.
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