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Default I'm very upset

I just found out that Pete Townshend of The Who was arrested for suspicion of child pornography. This comes as a major blow to me, since he's been one of my idols ever since I discovered The Who's music many years ago. Don't know how many of you are fans or not, but I hope I'm not alone in how sick I'm feeling right now. It's like finding out a close friend is a criminal. I really hope that this is a big misunderstanding. I'm praying for ya, Pete!

(a very saddened)
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The Rod
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The Rod too was shocked.

However, Pete claims He was researching a book. (Autobiography, he says he was abused as a child)

He also has had official anti paedophilia notices and banners on his own web site for a number of years.

The Rod discovered that Pete went to the authorities to inform them of this research, this is when the British Media got a hold of the story.

It may all be a simple misunderstanding.
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The Someday Man
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Default ...

Dman, I think I know what you're going through right now. It's tough when an idol is accused of something so degrading.

When I was very young, my dad bought me a larger-than-life 80's "boombox" along with two cassettes: The William Tell Overture and Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Since then, I've been a (for lack of a better word) HUGE Michael Jackson fan. The guy is amazing and his music is brilliant. I've been following his career for years. There's a certain feeling I get when I listen to his stuff that just isn't there with other artists.

So, when he was accused of molesting those young boys I was shocked and devestated. How could the man responsible for inspiring me on countless occasions be capable of something like this?

Well, according to Michael, he wasn't. And I believe him. But, there will always be that tiny little doubt in the back of my mind. What if, ya' know?

I'm with ya' Dman. Stand strong, brother. Maybe Townsend's telling the truth.

In Peace,
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Default Re: ...

Townsend came out a long time ago that he was gay. Didn't surprise me much... and it brought a whole new light to his single "Rough Boys"...

The thing to remember is two-sided.

1.) The MEDIA LIVES for depravity of any sort. They jump on the bandwagon, and quickly it becomes a massive feeding frenzy. All too soon, the truth is lost amide the hordes!

2.) I learned a very long time ago to place a distance between those that are my idols (music, movies, TV, comics, etc.) and my own life. I can draw inspiration from Queensryche, but just because I like them doesn't mean that their viewpoints on organized religion are my own! Just because I like certain actors, doesn't give them the authority to speak against or for a certain thing... their ACTORS for cryin' out loud!!

My only idol per se I still hold onto is R.A. Salvatore. I just recently conversed (a little bit) online with him the other day at his website. I've met the man twice, and he continues to be an inspiration to me... a goal to set myself up to ... to become a published writer. He's also got to be the best "father" I've ever met, other than my co-worker. Pure inspiration to a man that TRIES to be a good father-figure and original pop!

D-man, don't despair. Shane, don't get worked up... you can love your idols, and still not hold EVERYTHING they do in sheer reverence. Remember that we're ALL human and occasionally make mistakes.

For the record, I saw something on Yahoo about Townsend three days before this mess broke out... saying he wasn't a pedophile...

Ya peel and onion, there's LOTS of layers!

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