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Default The Episode Adoption Program (TEA): Win FREE prizes!!

Hello leapers!

You can win a FREE prize for completing a TEA episode synopsis! Our episode guide is growing and needs your help. Adopt one or more episodes and you could win cool Quantum Leap merchandise!

Each season there will be two prizes awarded for completing an episode TEA! All you have to do is adopt one or more episodes and your name will be entered in the drawing for one of the prizes listed below:

Innovation Comic # 1 (3 available)
Innovation Comic # 6
Innovation Comic # 8
Innovation Comic # 9
Innovation Comic # 13
Quantum Leap: The Novel

You may choose which prize you want when I email you as a winner. (All of these prizes can be seen on Al's Place website!) However, if two people want the same item, I'll flip a coin to see who gets what. Once an item gets chosen, it will be removed from the list of available items to choose from.

Your name will be in the drawing once for EACH episode you adopt, so adopting more than one episode will increase your chances of winning!

Each TEA must be complete and well-researched. Drawing will be done when all episodes have been turned in for each season beginning with season two.

***When all five seasons are complete, there will be a grand prize drawing of all participants for the Quantum Leap CD Soundtrack Album!

Good luck in winning these prizes and have fun doing your TEA's!

There are still episodes left to adopt before we can begin moving into Season Three!

If you are interested in doing a TEA for season 2...here's your chance! If you have no idea what TEA is, see this page: TEA Sign-up Page

It's also located on the episode guide mainpage...just look for the "What's this?" link near the top. It's fun and makes YOU a permanent part of Al's Place! Lot's of people are having fun doing this....why aren't you??

We still need more volunteers! All are welcome, even if you are new to the board! It's a great way to break the ice here! Give it a try in your spare time...and if you decide you just can't do it, it's ok...you can just offer it back and I'll put it back up for adoption. Nothing to lose...and prizes to win!

Please please please! Sign up today!
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