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Question Sci Fi Channel Skipping Lee Harvey Oswald?

Does anybody else who is following the showings on the Sci Fi Channel notice that they didn't air Lee Harvey Oswald? They went straight from "A Leap for Lisa" to "Leaping of the Shrew". I know it is Halloween time, and Sci Fi is airing halloween-ish episodes; but even once they get back to the regular airing, it seems to skip "Lee Harvey Oswald."

I've emailed them (as I could find no phone number) but no response yet.


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I noticed that too, particularly since I'm trying to get seasons 2 thru 5 burned to DVD so I can have the original music intact. I wonder what's going on....

So far looks like season 4 is going to be my only complete season. For one reason or another I'm missing two eps from season 2 and season 3---and now season 5. : I'll get 'em on repeats.
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When I first saw Quantum Leap they missed out Lee Harvey Oswald. Then when the series ended they showed the ENTIRE series all over again and this time made a big deal about showing the LHO episode.
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The only time I saw the LHO eps was when I was 8 or 9 years old (I'm 19 now) and I couldn't finish them. I was scared witless when Sam had to cut his wrists, and I turned the channel and never went back, and I haven't watch those eps since. Now, 10-11 years later I was planning on watching it again, to see if I could now, when it was gonna be on Sci-fi, only to learn it was skipped. I'm not meant to see those eps I guess, lol.

Samantha Beckett
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