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Default Quantum leap meets batman part 3

Al steps back into the control room and puts his black leather jacket on and puts the hand link inside his inside pocket of his jacket and says to gooshie do you have the weapons I ask for?

Gooshie nods and passes Al the case.


Ziggy says to Al

"I would use caution admiral the data I am now getting from Gotham City's police department records shows that this batman aka Bruce Wayne uses his Serect persona in a highly trained way and is a very experienced pit fighter and he is not afraid of anyone he has a long list of achievements bringing in criminals and taking down the criminal under World. "

"understood ziggy"

"at this very moment I only compute a 10 per cent chance of you being successful in bringing Bruce Wayne in and back into the waiting room"

Al looks at ziggy and says

"thanks for the vote of confidence ziggy"

Al turns to gooshie and says

"gooshie in the mean time try and find out why Sams there and let me know as soon as you know OK?"

Gooshie nods and says to al

"good luck admiral"

Al replys

"am going to need it.... this is turning out like styles all over again"

On the road Al is driving down a desert road and in his car ziggy is displaying holographic displays in front of him on his car window showing pictures of batman and pictures of Bruce Wayne from childhood to man Hood.

"so ziggy where will Bruce be now?"

"there is a 80 per cent chance bruce Wayne will try and seek out criminal activity of any kind and try and stop it."

"OK and is there any ziggy at present?"

"please stand by just processing, processing......"

"yes there is a break in, in a weapon depo in the centre of the city there is a 50 per cent chance Bruce may get involved."

"OK that will have to do for now ziggy am going in"

Al puts his foot down and the car races off down the road.

As soon as Al parks he takes his gun out of the case and arms it suddenly the imaging chamber door opens and gooshie steps out and the door closes after another few taps of the handlink.

"gooshie! I can see you"

"it looks like ziggys done a better job this time on sinking up our minds"

"definitely so what do you have for me?"

"we now know why Dr beckett leaped into Bruce?"

"OK way?"

A near by car drives passed and goes through gooshie like a ghost.

"ziggy says there is a 82.3 per cent chance that Sam leaped into batman because a criminal known as the "joker" blow up Gotham City general hospital two days from now batman wasn't able to save everyone and he didn't know the joker would take the hospital out it happened totally with out warning but batman only managed to save a handfull of people Sams there to save the hospital 82.3 per cent sure. and Bruce regreted it ever since this event haunted him for the rest of his life. "

" ok"

"gooshie go to Sam keep him Company I need to bring batman in"

And after a few taps on the handlink gooshie disappears and Al with his gun armed takes a deep breath and cautionly walks into the gun shop....

End of part 3
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