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Default Quantum leap meets batman part 5

Batman looks down at Al in the moon light saying to Al

"where am I?"

"you are in new Mexico you have to believe me when I say to you you have travelled forward in time not a lot only by a year but this isn't your time right now"

"why do I have to believe anything you say!"

"you have exchanged places In time with a good friend of mine he has the ability to travel through time and relive certain moments in other people's lives"

"what for?"

"to help them mostly to change people lives for the better hes a hero just like you Bruce a different kind of hero but still a hero. And now this time he has leaped into you"


"two days from now the joker is going to blow up the local hospital unexpectedly and even tho you save some lives the event is going to haunt you for the rest of your live my friend Sam is here to save the hospital and we need you back in the waiting room so my friend can leap back once his mission is done "

" don't you know what that sounds like"

"unfortunately I do"

"tell me Al do you bleed?"

Back in 1998

Sam wakes up tied to a table and Alfred looks at Sam and says

"who are you?"

"am Bruce Wayne"

"no you're not I saw you talking to thin air in the cave"

Alfred takes a gun out of his jacket and aims it at Sam pulling the hammer back on the fire arm.

"OK please believe me when I say I am Dr Sam beckett I am a time traveller and I have the ability through a machine I have built to be able to time travel through time and relive certain moments in other people's lives to leap into them"


"to correct a mistake in time mostly and help people by changing the wrong so they can live better happyner lives. And now I am in Bruce Wayne"

"why? Sam"

"a hospital is going to blow up by the joker in two days and I am here to save it"

"why should I believe you?"

"I know you don't have to believe me but all I have is the truth, that's all I have I can't do anything else."

Alfred takes a needle from his pocket and puts it into Sams arms and takes some blood.

Alfred leaves Sam but before leaving the room says "we will see who you really are"

Alfred closes the door behind him and gooshie appears out of thin air and sam says to gooshie

"am open to ideas"

End of part 5
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