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Default Quantum leap meets batman part 6

Sam leaves his prison cell and closes the door behind him and gooshie walks through the door like a spirit from the great beyond and looks at the handlink and says with the device lit up like a Christmas tree.

"it's clear Sam, Alfred is in the lab running tests on your DNA"

Sam nods and after a few taps on the handlink gooshie was gone like in a blink of a eye.

Sam runs back into the bat cave and high above from him he could hear bat's fly by from high above and he heads for one of the bat suits not losing much time and he sees one in a big glass cylinder near by from the computer system and the black leather suit stood there in the chamber like a suit of armour would in a medieval castle with great mystery "who was this batman really? and can Sam truly become this batman?"

With questions racing all around his head he quickly dismissed all bad thoughts and he looked at the bat logo in the centre of the chest with excitment and it had a yellow background.

Sam stood in aww and then.

takes a deep breath and says to himself "OK batman.... let's do it"

Sam changes into the suit and steps down from the platform looking like a giant human looking bat. Being inside the suit made Sam feel uneasy but again also powerful in a strange sort of strange way.

Alfred walks towards Sam pointing the gun at him again and says

"I don't know how you did it but your blood matches master Bruce's. But again you're clearly not him even tho you look like him"

Sam replys "in a way I am him"

"I don't know who you truly are or if I can trust you I have no choice I must stop you."

Alfred with out thinking starts to open fire at Sam and he starts to run towards the vehicle ahead of him. and to Sams Luck the suit protected Sam really, really well with the bullets not doing any damage but still feeling the impact of the bullets on the suit the bullets bouncing off the suit with ease Sam continues to run towards the Batmobile and jumps of the platform with the cape gliding like a bat through the air and the car opens up to receive Sam automatically as he lands and sits in the front sit of the car the top of the car again automatically starts to close and now batman puts his foot down and the batmobile busts Into life and races out of the bat cave with bat's flying all over the car with fire coming out of the back of the vehicle and sam started to feel like....... the batman!

Alfred stands holding a empty gun in hand and says to himself out loud looking down of what just occurred.

"good look Sam your going to need it"

Meanwhile back at project quantum leap.

Als car pulls up in the parking lot of project quantum leap and both batman and Al gets out of the vehicle with Sam/batman in cuffs and Al slowly walks him back to the waiting room as they enter the blue room Sam sits down on a near by chair and Al says.

"thank you Bruce for trusting me"

Bruce with a serious look on his face replys "if what you said is true then Sam making a difference with help us all in the end and I can get back to what I do best"

Al nods and leaves the room with Bruce saying behind Al in the background "good luck"

Batman continues to race through the streets of Gotham in seeming like an unstoppable vehicle. Sam sees the bat signal in the night sky and at that very same moment he pulls back the gear stick lever and the car races on even faster through the night......

Batman jumps onto the roof top of where the bat signal is homed he slowly raises and walks towards the signal and a man is stood next to the device waiting for this unholy meeting and slowly walks towards batman to greet him Commissioner Gordon hands Sam a plastic wallet and inside the wallet is a blood stained playing card and Gordon says

"it's him again and this time his not clowning about"

Sam looks at the back of the card and it reads "why so serious"........

End of part 6
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