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In case you're wondering how to join in to the delightful discussions here....

To Post a New Thread At the top of each board is an icon that says "New Thread". Clicking this icon will open up a box in which you give your post a title, then move down to a message box in which you type your message. Click "Submit New Thread" and you're good to go. Further down you can find some options for things you might want to do in your thread (add attachments, polls, etc.) I believe that these topics are covered elsewhere in this Help Board, so I won't complicate things.

To Reply to a Post in an Existing Thread You've got a couple of options here. At the very bottom of the thread is an icon that says Post Reply. This icon will generate a blank message box (much like New Thread) in which you compose your reply. However, clicking on Reply inside a given message will quote that message in your reply.

and for some lagniappe Editing Your Post If you want to add to, take away from, delete, or otherwise "tweak" a post you've made, you can do so by clicking the icon inside your post (bottom right corner) that says Edit. It brings you back to the composition box. You can put a reason for your change if you wish or leave it blank. When you're happy with your edits, click Save Changes.

I hope this information helps out. Any questions....please feel free to ask here or PM myself or any of the other moderators.
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