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Default Feature film,TV movie or a mini-series?!

We've been told at the "Possible QL movie..." thread, that now Deborah Pratt trying to propose her QL movie script as a feature film,and i would like to ask people here, What are thier opinion on the subject - What would be better - A feature film,a TV movie or maybe a mini-series for QL?!

I think a TV movie/Mini series would be a much better idea,because... As much as i love QL i don't think it's suitable for a feature film. most of the chance it will fail in the Box office(I hope i'm not wrong thinking A "feature film" is a movie made for the big screen).

At the moment lets put our hopes for a new TV series of QL aside,O.k?!
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Yes, a feature film would be shown in theaters. Many of those TV show remake films have done quite well at the box office (so Hollywood keeps making them), but the critics and fans of the originals often hate them. There are enough people out there who vaguely remember the shows, but don't worry about the style or details, to form a substantial audience.

I don't have hopes for a new TV series. If there was one, I don't think the fans would be happy with it, because it would be too different.

But a miniseries sounds like great fun if it's a revival of the original. A TV movie could be fine if the right people are in charge, like Deborah Pratt.
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