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Default Quantum leap meets batman part 1

Batman Except as noted, all books, titles, characters, character names, slogans, logos, and related indicia are trademarks of and copyright DC Comics and/or WildStorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics. The DC logo is a trademark of DC Comics. Vertigo is a trademark of DC Comics.

Quantum Leap' is a Registered Trademark of MCA / Universal Studios. The 'Quantum Leap' logo and all images from the television series are copyright MCA / Universal Studios unless otherwise stated, and no infringement of copyright is intended

And belongs to them this is a fan fiction crossover story and is free for all to read and no money is made from this story thank you.

dark Knight leaping

Sam leaps in a bright blue light after his latest leap and after it fades away Sam finds himself on a roof top high above the city wearing a black suit looking down over a strange city that Sam hasent seen before way up high above the city he stands up boldly with his Cape flapping in the wind in the distance In the sky Sam sees the bat logo in the sky and sam says to himself

"oh boy!"

Sam says to himself "Al! I need you Al!"

Not sure what to do next Suddenly his arm device starts glowing "blue" activated by Sams voice suddenly a bat wing flys towards sam from the sky and lands on top of the roof top.

Sam looks at the bat wing in aww saying to himself "who am I?"

Sam runs over and gets into the bat wing and not sure how to fly it Sam says outloud hoping his voice will work again "take me home"

The bat wing busts into life and lifts off and starts to fly up, up into the sky.

Alfred says over the radio of the bat wing "Bruce is everything alright sir?"

Sam replys looking worried

"of course why shouldn't I be?"

"OK should I prepare you some supper on your way back sir?"

"that would be great"

"I will have your usual waiting for you sir over and out"

"thank you bye"

As the bat Wing continues to journey there the night Sam was filled with a lot of unanswered questions.

Where was Al?
Who was he?
And this time what did time, fate or God have in store for Sam?

The bat wing flys into the bat cave and lands on a big fly pad.

Sam gets out and Alfred greets Sam, Sam walks looking like a bat and trying to not break our of character or looking worried he says to Alfred "please don't take this the wrong way but who are you?"

"are you alright sir?"

"I am I am just forgetting a few things that's all"

"am Alfred your butler"

"OK it's good to meet you Alfred"

"and like wise with you sir" Alfred smiling to himself.

They both walk into the bat cave and lights start to shine everywhere showing the computer equipment and the bat car below.

Sam looks in aww with bat's flying above in the cave.

And with out thinking Sam says out loud "who the hell am I?"

And Alfred replys "you are the batman sir"

"oh boy!"

End of part 1

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