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Default Hello all

Hi. I'm new to the forum but certainly not new to QL. I was 14 when it started in '89 and I was hooked from day one!

My particular obsession was (is) the wonderful Al Calavicci.

I'm looking forward to chatting with other fans and hoping that there are some other Brits on here.

That's it - I never know what to write in intro threads.
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Welcome! I'm new here to but not to QL. I hope you have a wonderful time here.
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Welcome from the resident Brit. I live in Bedford.

Look forward to chatting all things QL with you.

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Welcome up, Redfive! Happy to have you on the board!
Scott at FedCon XX
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Welcome! I wish I had been old enough to watch the show during the original run (I was still a baby when it was canceled). I LOVE Al too! Can't wait to further converse with you
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Welcome! Glad to have you here!

Brian Greene
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