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Default Interested in writing Fan Fiction

Im not sure how I get involved but I wanted to write some fan fiction for the site. Please contact me via pm to tell me how to get on writing. Thank you.

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First, welcome to Al's Place!

You don't need permission to create fan fiction (episodes, etc.) of Quantum Leap. Just start writing.

After the conclusion of the televised Quantum Leap episodes, a project was borne entitled Quantum Leap: The Virtual Seasons. Over 250 Quantum Leap adventures were written by fans of the show. It was an organized project, with a release schedule and episode selection and reviews by a team of editors. The Virtual Seasons also can be navigated to on its own related website as well, if you prefer to navigate through that method. The forums I linked above have more recent information including suggested reading, and, I believe, writing guidelines.

There was also a desire to tell Quantum Leap stories from the viewpoint of the Evil Leapers, and expand the Quantum Leap universe further. There were over 100 stories written for Quantum Retribution.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention the Starbright Project which was another series of Quantum Leap universe stories which would be a prequel, falling before Quantum Leap's timeline. However it only saw the writing of a few episodes.

All good things must come to an end, and so my understanding is that neither of these projects is currently soliciting new episodes. I suppose if there were enough interest and new stories written, that either Virtual Seasons, Starbright, or Quantum Retribution could be restarted. However there is still plenty of opportunity to post your own stories under Original Fan Fiction By Our Members.

I think yoir best bet is to look at the existing sections for writing ideas, especially if you want to understand some of the mechanics and story elements of the show as it was left off after Season Five, and then decide for yourself whether you want to include some of the chronology and continuity of the subsequent 8 years of fan-written episodes or "go your own way". You could ignore all that and write your own continuation of the series. Now, if you want to write your story closely tied in with the aftermath of Mirror Image, then I would suggest searching existing discussions on this controversial episode as we have been hammering out the deeper meanings and continuity of this episode for the past 15 years. There are a lot of misconceptions about this episode, and also a few confusing plot discontinuities (namely I think because Donald Bellisario personally wrote the episode and did not necessarily refer back to everything contributed by other QL scribes).

I think your best place to post a new story is under Original Fan Fiction.

Good luck to you!
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