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Default All 5 seasons on 27 DVD's!!! Is this right???

Hello QL fans. Today night I was visiting amazon.com to see if another season (third) was going to come out later and I noticed something else: There was a sponsored link that said there were all the 97 episodes on 27 DVD's with some offer.

Anyway here's the link for you to see on your own:


Is this right? Can I trust them? Maybe those DVD's have the original music or better image quality, but I'm not absolutely sure about that. So what could I expect from them? What do you think?

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I wouldn't risk it.

They had a couple errors on that page you linked, namely they couldn't decide if QL had 5 seasons or 7. Also, it said all 5 could fit on 20 discs. Although Univeral seems to want to fit all 5 seasons on 15 discs (3 double sided discs) I'm betting that the 20 discs are single sided and therefore have lesser video quality than what is being delivered by Univeral.

Granted, you might end up with all the original music, but you might also end up with TV Network banners in the corners of your screen for all we know.
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It will surely be worse quality than the Universal sets. Even the picture of the Quantum Leap title screen looks like fuzzy VHS quality and was most likely taken from one of these burnt DVDs. I would hope these sets sold on eBay are legit though, as in original uncut and unedited airings without network logos in the lower corners, as I was contemplating buying the entire series. I could deal with VHS quality on a disc if everything is exactly the way it was. Though, even if these episodes are original airings, there also might be commercials as well.
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As much as we would all like to have the original music intact, any DVD set sold under any other name than Universal is either a bootleg copy (illegal) or copied from TV and resold (also illegal).

Don't buy it, you risk a headache. Email Universal and tell them you want QL with the original music! Write a letter or even call them. We must get the word out in order to keep this from happening to Season Three!!
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Those are definitely bootlegs. Look at the other stuff that site sells. Bootlegs. Buying them will not help the cause to get official versions of the series released, intact.

Be patient. Send Universal a letter stating you want the show released on DVD, as complete as possible. If enough people voice their opinions, they WILL listen.
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