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Default Buying the DVDs

Hi, I was just looking at Ebay, for those who don't know, it is an auction site where you bid for items. (You can also buy them, there all second hand of course.) So anyway, I was looking around and it had all of the series being sold for ?13.50, I thought it was a little strange as I found series 1 and 2 for ?20.00 But this one didn't say it was on DVD so it could have been on video and been cheaper. I think it's a really good offer, but I am worried because I heard from one of the posts here I think, that series 4 hasn't even come out yet, what do people think I should do? And are the DVD's out yet?
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I have seen on Ebay where they are pre-selling the season 4 dvds to be shipped when they come out on the 28th. Just check around with the seller and see, but there are ppl/companies on there that pre-sell them. I wouldn't be too worried about it, but just do some digging.

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